Kindle New Thinking

"The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled"

Inclusion Trust believes that by bringing education sector professionals together to spark debate, it  stimulates new thinking, raises awareness and provides advice about issues which are too often under reported and remain unresolved.

Challenge – How can mainstream schools deliver on high expectations for all young people, including those who are at risk of unintentionally (or intentionally) becoming ‘Pushed out’ learners ?

Inclusion Trust does this through

  • Hosting seminars, workshops and roundtables debates that are stimulated by the expertise and wisdom of national and international leaders of education and innovation
  • Working directly with alternative education providers (see co-design)
  • Commissioning research, reports
  • Publishing commentary on media stories and government policies
Pushed out learners report montage2

‘The Alternative Should Not be Inferior’ report is the outcome of a roundtable debate involving fourteen sector experts as well as three additional interviews. It draws together participants’ perspectives and sets out a series of tensions as well as areas of common agreement.



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