Inclusion Trust is pioneering a new model of learning for Pushed-Out Learners

ITrust Learning is an authentic, highly stimulating and academically challenging model of learning that is designed to be integrated within mainstream schools, PRUs and other AP settings.

Informed by our report ‘The Alternative Should Not be Inferior’ and a decade of experience in the sector, iTrust Learning brings a unique approach, which combines three overlapping contexts – the school, the real world and the online community for the most effective education provision.

Check out this film we produced (on an iphone) which documents how Inclusion Trust supported a group of teachers to develop a blended model of learning in their school for excluded pupils in Ipswich.

iTrust Learning offers:

1 A project based learning approach

  • Students can choose how and what they wish to learn from over 500 projects
  • Multimedia tools – enhance accessibility and engagement,
  • Every project is mapped to nationally accredited awards and qualifications up to Level 2 and GCSEs   

2 A sophisticated and intuitive technological system ‘HERO’

  • Students can collaborate with and seek support from others
  • Engagement and progress dashboards makes key tracking data visible tand reports available at the push of a button



3 Pedagogical and technological training and support  

  • HERO is an intuitive, easy to navigate and flexible
  • We provide pedagogical and technological hands on training

“We’ve enormously valued the strategic support Inclusion Trust has given us as we have developed a Project-Based learning model using the Hero platform and the Facework real-work place engagement resources.  What we are attempting in our Alternative Provision setting is truly revolutionary and what has made all the difference has been the partnership with Inclusion Trust, their hands-on practical technical support their encouragement and understanding of good pedagogy.  Like us they seek to put the learner first and we are working hard to learn, unlearn, and re-learn so that we get it right for our learners and develop a new i-Trust model of learning.”

  Stuart Bailey Lindberg Centre, Ipswich


  • HERO is a secure online platform with built in systems to safeguard children


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