Facework - Helping young people facework one step at a time

Good careers education and guidance to support school-to-work transitions has been diminishing for many years. With current levels of youth unemployment and the widely reported ‘mismatch’ between young people’s skills and those required by employers, more needs to be done to prevent young people from being not in education, employment or training (NEET). Facework addresses this issue.

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With funding from Nominet Trust The Inclusion Trust has worked with Stephen Carrick-Davies to develop a unique set of work-related learning resources for ‘Pushed-Out’ young people.

Over a 2 year period Stephen ran intense sessions in a range of PRUs across the country and co-designed a model for helping excluded young people face work.  Through focussing on just 5 core STEPS to work; the ‘soft skills’ and attitudes which employers say they want from staff.

The website includes lots of resources quizzes, social media links,  videos and Facework Challenges which introduce YP to 25 key Employment Intelligences and help ‘Flip Thinking’ so you they can make confident STEPS from the classroom into the world of work.

Through the website and classroom resources (including interactive Z cards) students are able to

  • Gain a better insight into the workplace, transferable skills and routes to employment.
  • Create digital CVs and further develop their transferable skills.
  • Recognise and celebrate the ‘soft-skills’ they have and the importance of nurturing these for the workplace.

You can read more about the D3sign Principles of Facework here

‘The transition from school to work can be particularly daunting for young people who lack the support network of extended family or ‘professional’ friends. Nominet Trust is delighted to support the Facework project which provides critical support to marginalised young people so that they are better ready and equipped for work’. Annika Small, Nominet Trust

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