Inclusion Trust exists to re-imagine how alternative approaches to education can help 'pushed out’ learners to grow, learn and achieve.



For over 10 years the Inclusion Trust has pioneered a number of innovative and disruptive projects for  learners in Alternative Education. We are immensely proud of the difference that we have made for Pushed-Out young people. Due to a range of factors it is no longer possible to fund the work of the Trust and the charity will close in September 2016. We have between now and then to cement our legacy – we hope that you can help!

We have launched a short consultation to gather the voices of the people we have worked with for the last 10 years, including young people, other funders and professionals working within Alternative and Mainstream Education. The consultation closes on July 4th and we would like your thoughts on:

  • What should be done for pushed out learners – those who suffer from weaknesses in the education system?

  • How could the Inclusion Trust best reallocate its remaining £140,000?

  • How can the patterns of school exclusions be changed?

Share your thoughts on Twitter #pushedout or @inclusiontrust or email us  The results of the consultation will made available by 15th July here

Full announcement here

Pushed out learners report montage

The Alternative Should not be Inferior:

What now for ‘Pushed Out’ Learners?

Inclusion Trust has released a new report based on a roundtable debate involving sector experts. It draws together participants’ perspectives and sets out a series of tensions as well as areas of common agreement for those working within Alternative and Mainstream Education.

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Maggie Kalnins CEO of Inclusion Trust interviewing John Bosselman, an expert from High Tech High (HTH)  after a Project Based learning workshop which Inclusion Trust hosted in June 2015.


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